why estate sales vs Auctions

Auctions are typically a one day affair and very fast paced. When items are not getting bids

at auctions, some auctioneers will group several items together and put on for one price. Also you will find several box lots at some auctions, many items are grouped together in one box

that is auctioned off for one price.  What is wrong with that?, well, for the seller, it does not give

their property the much needed exposure to buyers. Some auctiongoers have been known to

put a valuable item they want into the bottom of a boxlot and get that item for very little money. I have personally seen buyers come away with boxlots that contained cash that nobody knew

was there.


At an estate sale. our sales are usually done in 2 days, everything is on display and watched over by our employees. We take every precaution to insure our clients property. We carefully

go through all items.We don't profit from this sale unless our client does.